Selecting the NAT

The NATs change twice a day, at 0100z and 1130z, which makes planning on the day of the flight essential.
Updated NATs are available here.

For this example let's say the following eastbound NATs are current:

Track U VIXUN LOGSU 49/50 51/40 53/30 54/20 DOGAL BABAN
Track V YYT NOVEP 48/50 50/40 52/30 53/20 MALOT BURAK
Track W COLOR RONPO 47/50 49/40 51/30 52/20 LIMRI DOLIP
Track X BANCS URTAK 46/50 48/40 50/30 51/20 DINIM GIPER
Track Y RAFIN VODOR 45/50 47/40 49/30 50/20 SOMAX KENUK
Track Z SOORY 43/50 46/40 48/30 49/20 BEDRA GUNSO

Which track to choose? Well it all depends on where you are flying from, and where you are going. Generally the most favourable winds are situated along the "middle" track, so unless this causes a gigantic detour it's a good idea to plan to use it. If however using this track would cause a rather large increase in distance you should consider a more southern or northern track.

You can check the wind and weather conditions here.

We will take track Whiskey as it is the best one according to the weather situation and does not accour any detour.