Datalink Oceanic Route Clearance Authorisation (ORCA)

7.1 Overview

Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) equipped arcraft may request and receive their Oceanic clearance via datalink, utilising the Oceanic Route Clearance Authorisation system (ORCA). This system should not be used by aircraft within 30 minutes of entry to Oceanic airspace; RTF should then be used.

7.2 Usage

Aircraft will request clearance using the web-based FMC, following the included instructions. When a clearance request is made a flight-strip will appear in the Pending bay on the ORCA ATC page. The flight should be checked for conflict with the aircraft in the relevant FL/Track section on the Cleared bay. If required, the FL, ETA or track can be changed before clearing the aircraft. Alternatively, ATC can request negotiation with the flight by pressing the DENY button. The pilot will then receive a message requesting radio contact.
Aircraft in the Cleared bay can have their details changed by clicking on the callsign.