Shanwick-specific procedures

6.1 Airspace allocation

Sections of the Shanwick FIR are allocated to Shannon ACC and Brest ACC. The areas are designated SOTA (Shannon Oceanic Transition Area) and BOTA (Brest Oceanic Transition Area), respectively (see attachment #3) Aircraft within these sectors are handled by the relevant domestic ATC authority.

6.2 ORCA

Aircraft requesting Oceanic clearance via ORCA (see paragraph 7) are not required to conact Shanwick on RTF.

6.3 BOTA

Flights via..:

  •     UN480 routing REGHI <-> ETIKI
  •     UN420 routing LAPEX <-> SEPAL
  •     UN460 routing RIVAX <-> SIVIR

…will enter the BOTA.

6.4 SOTA

Flights via..:

  • UN491 routing GUNSO <-> BEDRA
  • UL739 routing KENUK <-> SOMAX
  • UN514 routing GIPER <-> DINIM

…will enter the SOTA.

6.5 NOTA

Flights via..:

  • UN542 routing BABAN <-> VENER
  • UP618 routing BABAN <->RESNO
  • UN551 routing NIBOG <-> ODLUM <-> RESNO
  • UM17 routing DEXET <-> ODLUM <-> ETARI
  • UN551 routing NIBOG <-> ODLUM <->ETARI
  • UM17 routing DEXET <-> ODLUM <-> PIKIL
  • UN563 routing MIMKU <-> ELPIN <-> PIKIL
  • UP736 routing ELPIN <-> BILTO
  • UN550 routing NIBOG <-> ELPIN <-> SUNOT
  • UP979 routing DEVOL <-> DEXET <-> ELPIN <-> OSBOX <-> AGORI
  • UN572 routing GOMUP <-> AGORI <-> SUNOT

…will enter the NOTA.

6.6 Bandboxing

When staffing the sectors shall be consolidated as follows:

1 Controller: ORS shall be open. ORN shall be delegated to ORS. In addition ORS shall assume the duties of OCD.
2 Controllers: ORS and OCD shall be open. ORN shall be delegated to ORS.
3 Controllers: ORS, ORN and OCD shall be open.