Oceanic Radio (FSS) Procedures

4.1 Description of position

The FSS position is responsible for relaying communications between the OCC and aircraft over the North Atlantic, as well as entering position updates into the OCMS.
Up to three flight service specialists may work as Gander FSS. The area of coverage for each sector will depend on actual traffic, and shall be decided by the FSS supervisor , S sector (or the EGGX-Staff)
Typically N serves traffic north of 50W, S serves traffic south of 50W and W traffc west from 50W onwards.

4.2 Radio frequencies

All communications take place HF frequencies. As the current pilot/controller software doesn’t support HF frequencies a modified decimal system has been arranged where the frequency 12237 kHz is entered as 122.37 in IvAc. Phaseology for the said frequency remains “one two two three seven kilohertz”


SELCAL shall be used whenever aircraft are equipped. On initial call-up SELCAL should be verified. Subsequent communications shall always be initiated with a SELCAL signal.
To transmit a SELCAL signal enter .selcal [callsign] in the IvAc comm. box and transmit. If the SELCAL check fails the aircraft should be advised to monitor the frequency continuously.

4.4 Position reports

Aircraft will transmit position reports to Gander or/and Shanwick FSS at each waypoint along their route, or every 45 minutes, whichever is shorter. Upon receiving the report Gander FSS or/and Shanwick FSS shall enter the estimate time as well as any remarks/requests into the OCMS flight strip.


  • Pilot: "Gander Radio, Speedbird 188 with a position report”
  • ATC: "Speedbird 188, Gander Radio pass your message"
  • Pilot: "Speedbird 188, passed 47 North 50 West at 0246Z, Flight Level 380, Mach .83. Estimating 49 North 40 West at 0329Z, Next is 51 North 30 West"
  • ATC: "Speedbird 188, Gander Radio. Passed 47 North 50 West at 0246Z, Flight Level 380, Mach .83, Estimating 49 North 40 West at 0329Z, Next is 51 North 30 West"
  • Pilot: "Speedbird 188, readback correct " - Note: correct the controller if he reads something back wrong.

If any portion of the aircraft’s transmission is unreadable, or if parts are omitted reconfirm with the aircraft before reading back the position report.

4.5 Relay of requests and clearances

Aircraft will make all requests on FSS frequencies. These shall be relayed to the OCC controller:

  • By entering the request in the remarks field of the flight strip: RMK/REQ F350 1334z
  • When more urgent, or if no reply received within five (5) minutes via intercom. See sections 5 and 6 for local intercom procedures.