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25/03/2015 - A time of sad remembrance - Shanwick FIR on limited service

Yesterday, Tuesday 24th March 2015 will remain a sad day for us.

The Shanwick FIR mourns the demise of a good colleague and friend, former US-EC, TA and FIR Chief, Maik Korolczuk, who was killed in the horrific Germanwings A320 crash.
Maik always set an example for pilots in and around him while over the Atlantic, he helped out during early atlantic events and was a true asset, even though he was not part of the controller team recently.
Maik had only just completed his frozen ATPL and joined Germanwings as cabin crew very recently, his good humor and his friendliness on radio, clocking up more than 10.000 hours on the network will be sorely missed.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his parents, family, girlfriend and all those who knew him
Among our controller crew, we would also like to offer our sympathies and condolences to a fellow Oceanic controller, Wilhelm Grahlher, who has lost two dear family friends of his.

In respect for them, Shanwick FIR will be flying its colours half-mast for the next two weeks:
- The OJT session on Saturday has been cancelled
- The sunday checkout will go ahead as planned.
- The planned weekend-boosters have been postponed until further notice.
- The department remains open, however Simon's availability will be very limited.

We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

22/01/2014 - Latest updates

Let us give you a brief update on what is happening at the moment:

A few days ago we switched to our new TMS (Training Management System) allowing us to keep a better overview over the requested trainings and the progress of our trainees.
Compared to the old system the new one allows us to work a lot more efficient, giving us the ability to decrease the time window between the training request and issuing the GCA.

While the new system is still being optimised the other members of the Shanwick staff are already working hard on organising the upcoming Atlantic Crossing event on 23th February. Keep the date clear, we are looking forward to another nice event with you!
Further information will be published next weekend.

03/01/2014 - New year announcement

We want to say thank you to all for another year of controlling and helping the Shanwick FIR to grow. A few facts to summarize what happened in 2013:

- Two exciting 'Atlantic Crossing"-events
- 516 hours controlled on Shanwick & Gander Oceanic over the year
- 19 Trainings or Checkouts done

- 10 new approved controllers

We also awarded two of our controllers with awards for their outstanding work for the Shanwick FIR:
- Ronald H. for controlling the most hours on Oceanic (around 20% of all hours)
- Niklas L. for his assistance in planning and conducting the two oceanic events

For 2014 we plan to organize another two great Oceanic Events and 1 Special Event, as well as participating in the events of other divisions. We also want to increase the presence of controllers and the number of trainings/checkouts to allow new qualified controllers to open an Oceanic ATC station.

We would like to thank all the controllers who were online on Oceanic over the year, without you it wouldn't be possible to have such a good Oceanic staffing as we had in 2013!

06/01/2013 - New year announcement

2012 was a very exciting year for us and we will do our best to continue this in 2013.
We decided to give you a little preview on what we are currently working on and what you can expect from us in 2013:

- A nice surprise for the controller with the most hours on Oceanic over the year
- The long awaited 'Atlantic Crossing'-event

- And of course: Many new things in ORCA and OCMS

We would also like to thank every controller who was online on Oceanic over the year and we hope that you will continue staffing Oceanic in 2013!

22/12/2012 - OCMS/ORCA/Website improvements

Today we made 22 bugfixes and changes to the OCMS, the ORCA and to our website. Here you can see a few:

- Controllers get an alert if separation is not ensured when inserting a flight
- Flightstrips are now assigned to ATC positions, not anymore to a controller
- Fixed problem with clearance numbers which are now unique
- Added a waitinglist for position reports for controllers
- Flightstrips are now automatically deleted 2 hours after the last change

- Minor bug fixes on the pilot datalink interface e.g. mandatory fields
- 'Traffic'-page published where you can see all traffic overflying EGGX or CZQX
- Improved some parts of the design of the website

We hope you like these changes as much as we do. - Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas what we can improve.

Thanks to everyone who sent us his ideas!

07/12/2012 - New EGGX-CHA1

Ben Gallagher is unable to fulfil his EGGX-CHA1 role anymore and he has left the UK staff team. We would like to thank him for his work!

Lars Zuleger is joining the Oceanic team as our new FIR Advisor. He has been working with the Oceanic team behind the scenes for some time now and we welcome him to the staff team in an official capacity.

03/12/2012 - OCMS/ORCA changes and new website content

In the last days we've made a few changes on the OCMS and ORCA, including

- many bug fixes, including much improved transfers
- notification in OCMS when there are pending clearances in ORCA
- added the possibility to change flight direction after the flight strip is inserted

- denied requests are now automatically added to the voice waitinglist in red

We have also added Concorde Controller procedures and information about the communication with other ATC units.

16/07/2012 - New Website released

We are proud to present a new website for Shanwick/Gander FIR. This page includes

- new Datalink,
- new OCMS,
- new ORCA,

- new information

Special thanks are going to Chris Döhring (IVAO-WM) for his great work!

Your EGGX Team

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