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With great shock and sadness the Shanwick FIR learned yesterday that a dear friend and fellow long-haul simmer as well as family friends of a Shanwick controller were killed in the Germanwings plane crash, Shanwick FIR will therefore fly half mast up to Easter, for further details please see the forum post or the NOTAM.

Welcome to the Gander and Shanwick Oceanic FIR website. This website is a joint venture by the United Kingdom and the Canadian divisions of the IVAO network.
The aim is to gather all information pertaining to flying across, or controlling the airspace above the North Atlantic.

In the menu at the top of this page you will find detailed information and procedures for controlling or flying within the Flight Information Regions, enroute charts, sector files, NOTAMs and other resources. If you have any questions, or require assistance please don't hesitate to contact the oceanic FIR staff.

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