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Welcome to the Shanwick and Gander Oceanic FIR website.

The aim is to gather all information relating to flying across, or controlling the airspace above the North Atlantic.
Flying or controlling over the Atlantic has different procedures when compared to domestic positions. You will find all of the relevant information about these different procedures here.

Please note: This website exists solely for the purposes of flight simulation operations on IVAO ONLY!
We are not affiliated with real world ATC/Flight operations of any kind.

Such requests should be directed to Eurocontrol or the relevant local aviation authority.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the staff via buttons on the right.

Who is online on Shanwick Oceanic?

Who is online on Gander Oceanic?


Simon Laqueur

Shanwick Oceanic FIR Chief

Wilm Hendrik Schulz

Shanwick Oceanic FIR Assistant Chief

Craig Tyler

Training Advisor 10